Dark Clouds Gathering: The Story Thus Far...

In the land of Caranom, since time immemorial, peace has reigned amongst the people of the land. The masses were happy, and the Light shone brightly on this great society. Protected by the power of three gods, they had nothing to fear.

But, it was not meant to be...

The Phantom-lord Grogna, the leader of beings in Caranom who hated the Light that bathed the world in which they lived, finally concocted a plan to drape all the world in Darkness, so that his bretheren, the demons and the phantom-folk, could rule the land and bend all to their will.

In spite of his vastly superior Army of Shadow, Grogna found counquering the whole of Caranom to be too much of a chore. By the time Grogna devised a plan to completely destroy the remaining Light, all that was left was Caranom's greatest city, Tsils.

The key, it turned out, was not in Caranom, but in other worlds. At the same time that Grogna waged his war, other, similar dark beings in other worlds were attempting the same feat. Grogna realized that he could use these beings to his advantage, and sent them a message: "Join me in the destruction of Caranom, and your goals will be achieved."

Faced with the combined might of Grogna and these otherwordly devils, things looked bleak.

Then, in a last-ditch effort to stave off the Darkness, the sole remaining Guardian of Caranom, Kirth, reached out through the same breaches between worlds that  Grogna used and called upon the champions and heroes who had long held the Darkness at bay in their own worlds.

Now, the Army of Shadow would be met with the Legion of Light!

The First Battle of Tsils

With the Army of Shadow closing in on Tsils, Kirth summoned the first of the Legionnaires to his aid, first summoning Link from the ancient past of Hyrule and Midna from its future, Erabor and Drogonth from the land of Agrounce, the Hero of Oakvale from Albion, Fëanor from Arda, and Roy and Amelia from Meropis.

The battle began when Drogonth flew into the air and incinerated a line of enemy soldiers. While Link, Roy, and Amelia initiated the fight on the ground, no less than a few thousand Noldor warriors poured out of the city while elven archers on the walls of Tsils covered them with arrowfire, and Fëanor himself led the charge.

Up above in the sky battle, Erabor watched in horror as Falasure, one of the corrupted dragon riders from Agrounce, flew into battle on his dragon, using a carnock bird as a shield when Drogonth tried to breathe fire at him. Erabor tried to use his Tyvault power to kill Falasure, but the corrupt rider used another carnock as a shield once more to block the attack. The two dragon mounts used fireballs to seperate each other, and Erabor tried to use his Tyvault again, but missed, instead accidentally destroying a mountain. Falasure used magic to hurl the remains of the mountain at Erabor. Link intervened, jumping off the shoulders of a troll onto the head of an oliphaunt and then into the air, using the Power Glove to smash the boulders while Falasure moved on to attack the Legion. Link tried to distract Falasure by hitting his dragon with a sword-beam. When that didn't work, Link used a Thunder spell to knock every enemy around him unconscious while the scales of Falasure's dragon was essentially skinned.

Meanwhile, Durin's Bane the Balrog joined the fight, attacking the city itself, particularly the archers on the walls. Link drew the Balrog away from the city by attacking him with Silver Arrows. As the Balrog charged at Link, Roy tried to use his Etherel abilities to extinguish the flames, but was unable to do so. When Link drew the Master Sword, the Balrog recoiled, but quickly attacked anyway.

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Battle in the Hills


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