Prologue: Hope in the Last Bastion

In the land of Caranom, since time immemorial, peace has reigned amongst the peoples of the land. The masses were happy, and the Light shone brightly on this great society.

Until, one day, the Phantom-lord Grogna declared war on those who dwelled in the Light. Grogna was the leader of all those who despised the Light that they lived in, and had finally concocted a foul plan to drape all the world in Darkness, so that his bretheren could rule the land and bend all to their will.

The key, it turned out, was not in Caranom itself, but in other worlds. In other worlds, other beings shared Grogna's dream of covering their lands in darkness. It simply became a matter of breaking the barriers between these worlds and letting those in other worlds come to Caranom. Grogna melded his forces with those of other dimensions and formed the mighty Army of Shadow.

All seemed lost until, in a last ditch effort to stop Grogna, the sole remaining source of Light in Caranom glimmered. In the City of Tsils, the Last Bastion against the Darkness, Kirth, the Last Guardian of Caranom, used the same breaches as Grogna to bring the champions who had held evil at bay into Caranom as well.

Now, the Army of Shadow would face off against the Legion of Light!

Dark Clouds Gathering

collectively written by the Fantasy RP participants
edited by Oshron

Light and Shadow

"Aah!" Link awoke with a start. He was drenched in a cold sweat, his heart was racing, and his muscles were jittery from the rushing adrenaline. He had been having a terrible nightmare, in which Ganon, the King of Evil, had returned from the dead. When he finally calmed down, he brushed his dirty-blond hair out of his blue eyes.

As he did, he saw that a glowing, golden triangle had appeared on his left hand.

The nightmare was real: Ganon had returned. Ganon, who he had slain years before; Ganon, who had commanded his minions from beyond the grave to kill Link and use his blood to resurrect him; Ganon, who had cursed Princess Zelda into a timeless slumber.

Wasting no time, Link leaped out of the bed in his home just south of Hyrule Castle. He pulled on his characteristic forest-green garb and grabbed his various equipment: the Hero's Bow and Silver Arrows, several bombs, the Mirror Shield, the Pegasus Boots...all that was left was the Master Sword, which he had returned to its pedestal in the Sacred Grove after the curse upon Zelda had been reversed.

As Link traveled northwest, he could have sworn that he heard a voice call his name, "Hero...we have need of your assistance..."
The winds in the skies of Agrounce whipped past Erabor's face. The mountains were stretched out before his pale eyes like a map. He always felt comfortable while riding on the back of Drogonth, his partner. Drogonth's red scales gleamed in the sunlight, making him look like a living chunk of garnet. The two were engaged in a telepathic conversation.

Suddenly, they were interrupted as a voice neither of them had ever heard before said, "Your aid is needed, dragon and rider."

As suddenly as the voice had entered their minds, their bodies had left Agrounce, disappearing in a swirl of wind. They appeared over an enormous city of Roman-like buildings.

I don't like this at all! Drogonth said in Erabor's mind. They were, unknowningly, being drawn to a large, palace-like building.


Link finally reached the Sacred Grove. There, amid all the eerie mist and stagnant air, was an ancient pedestal older than just about anything else in Hyrule. In it was the Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane. Only the Master Sword could kill Ganon. But it seemed that even this holy weapon could not permanently vanquish the King of Evil. Link walked over to the Master Sword. He gripped the blue hilt tightly and pulled. The blade shone brilliantly, and the fog around him disappeared. Link swung the sword in front of him twice, spun it in his hand, and then sheathed it in a scabbard strapped to his back, hidden by his shield.

Suddenly, the telepathic voice came again: "Hero...we have need of your assistance..."

Only the Sages could use how--

Link vanished, suddenly gone from Hyrule.

Link found himself in a strange room. The Hero of Hyrule saw a wizened old man standing nearby. With a start, he saw that the man wasn't standing, but floating!

"Who are you?" Link said, his hand reflexively reaching for the hilt of the Master Sword.

"Peace, Hylian hero." the apparition said, raising a hand--and just a hand, as there was no wrist connecting it to the arm, if it could be called that--for calm. Almost involuntarily, Link relaxed his grip and pulled his hand away from his sword. "I need your help, hero."

At that moment, there was a loud thud as something very large landed on a nearby balcony. Link and the floating man looked over. Perched on the balcony's marble railing was an enormous red dragon. Link reached for his sword again, but the man waved his hand and the hero released his weapon.

"Peace, hero. They are not here to fight. Rather, they are here to help you."

Link looked at the dragon. They? He saw a man no older than him sitting in a saddle on the back of the dragon.

'Sorry." Link said, losing his tensity, "I've just never met a dragon that hadn't tried to kill me before."