It is the year 2032. The world has been undergoing a technological revolution and series of catastrophic natural disasters. In 2012, the super volcano in YellowstoneNational Park erupted, sending several tons of ash and smoke into the atmosphere, which affected the climate as far north as the Yukon. As a result, a minor ice age has begun; for the first time, it is snowing in Argentina, South Africa, and Australia. Sea levels are beginning to drop, and land bridges are beginning to reappear, which will close off the Mediterranean, Red, and Baltic Seas and connect Alaska to Russia and the Indonesian islands to one another, and ice bergs are becoming quite common where they were previously unheard of.
            As if that wasn’t bad enough, a comet strike in the Asian highlands has resulted in a nearly worldwide famine. The entire world is beginning to suffer, but Asia and Europe are suffering the most. The previously stable and gentle world is slowly falling into utter chaos.
            In this RP, you are an otherwise normal citizen or soldier of one of the many world powers who somehow becomes involved in the rising conflict. Will you survive on your own, forge an alliance, or receive some help from a higher power?